The Great Awakening

There are many ways to wake up to the truth. Only for Game Changers.

  • 8 hours
  • € 2200
  • Ibiza

Service Description

Think of Mr. Nobody as a character who is here to serve, to fit and mould into many roles he plays to match the situation, in essence a Neo-Shaman somewhere between a spiritual Guru and a best friend.

Mr.Nobody is linked to the idea of de-personalisation, to understand duality at a level where you are able to detach from the identity of what you think of yourself to be, we tend to become so wrapped up in our thinking minds that we self-identify with our thoughts and define ourselves by them. We revolve our ego, or sense of self, around them. We craft our personalities, self-image and self-perception around these thoughts, Mr.Nobody’s role is to break this pattern and aid in the understanding of that we are all one and we all come from the same place of existence. 
Mr. Nobody’s Initiation began in India where his path led him on a spiritual journey, Travelling to learn the native ways from the guru’s and the baba’s, being humbled by these teachings he came to the realisation that happiness is not necessarily as complicated as we make it, that real happiness lies in the simple things, With this realisation he began to lead a simple lifestyle that offered him a deeper sense of living that brought balance and harmony as all answers are within. This knowledge came natural to him as a blessing and now he feels it is time to share his blessing and higher knowledge, to help and assist others as they go to their process of transformation. With a special interest for the teachings of tantra, plant medicine and consciousness as a whole. It's all an energy game of giving and receiving. My Conditions: - One on One or Couples session - We need to have some kind of a 'click' together - Only available Tuesdays and Fridays - You can book me 3 times in your life - Non vaccinated - Prices based on honest exchange

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