A journey in the Here & Now

One-on-One or Couples Session

  • 5 hours
  • € 150 per hour
  • On Location

Service Description

Welcome Adventures traveler! How would it be to make a best friends adventure? If you are up for something special, you came to the right place. Let's find this hidden place in the mountains of Ibiza where a shaman lives. He is studying the species and cultivation of magic mushrooms and wants to share this knowledge with the world. He sees magic mushrooms as a sacred medicine with high beneficial potential for our well being. My role as a 'Trip-Sitter' is to guide you during this journey. What is a main effect of magic mushrooms? Cultural programming disappears. So, to trust and surrender to what is. That's the idea. During this experience we focus on energy and feelings. We then use words and fun to understand all this. Maybe we see that at some level we are all one..? What I want you to know before we continue: You can only book me 3 times in your life. My role is to facilitate, hold space, and to be clear and be honest. Feel free to get in touch and see if our conditions match.

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