"A journey in the Here and Now"

The psychedelic journey with 'the Flying Dutchman' was one of the best experiences of my life.  I decided for it to upgrade my career, quality of my life and break through some blocks. The highly transformative session took 8 hours and was multifaceted – I experienced a great spectrum of different states and emotions.


The Flying Dutchman guided the session in a professional, subtle and natural way, yet we accomplished all the intentions that I set at the beginning. His presence was very comforting, I knew he would be there for me to assist me anytime I needed. He created a great setting in which I felt safe to explore my fears and absolutely free to experience myself in different roles. He helped me with the initial resistance that I had at the beginning of the trip which enabled me to take much more out of the session.


During the experience I laugh so much as never before in my life – which had a great healing effect but I also experienced profound insights and mystical states of being during the whole time. I connected more to my higher self and my highest potential. I perceived the unlimited possibilities that life offers and the freedom-power that I have over the choices I make and the way I live my life.

The session had an incredible lasting impact on my personal development. It provided me a vibrational upgrade and changed the way I live my life in the best possible way. It altered my thinking permanently. After the experience I feel more positive and connected to myself and to what I want. I feel a greater sense of personal freedom which is reflected in the way I express myself.


As a result my career and the way I interact with my clients got transformed in a great way. As a result of this shift, I started to attract different, more positive situations into my life as well as more abundance.

The shift was almost immediate.



Life Coach

Video artist