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"A journey in the Here and Now"

The psychedelic journey with 'the Flying Dutchman' was one of the best experiences of my life.  I decided for it to upgrade my career, quality of my life and break through some blocks. The highly transformative session took 8 hours and was multifaceted – I experienced a great spectrum of different states and emotions.


The Flying Dutchman guided the session in a professional, subtle and natural way, yet we accomplished all the intentions that I set at the beginning. His presence was very comforting, I knew he would be there for me to assist me anytime I needed. He created a great setting in which I felt safe to explore my fears and absolutely free to experience myself in different roles. He helped me with the initial resistance that I had at the beginning of the trip which enabled me to take much more out of the session.


During the experience I laugh so much as never before in my life – which had a great healing effect but I also experienced profound insights and mystical states of being during the whole time. I connected more to my higher self and my highest potential. I perceived the unlimited possibilities that life offers and the freedom-power that I have over the choices I make and the way I live my life.

The session had an incredible lasting impact on my personal development. It provided me a vibrational upgrade and changed the way I live my life in the best possible way. It altered my thinking permanently. After the experience I feel more positive and connected to myself and to what I want. I feel a greater sense of personal freedom which is reflected in the way I express myself.


As a result my career and the way I interact with my clients got transformed in a great way. As a result of this shift, I started to attract different, more positive situations into my life as well as more abundance.

The shift was almost immediate.



Life Coach

If you have found your way here to the Flying Dutchman Ibiza ~ then hands on heart ~ i can honestly say ~  that you may just be on the right track 


I am an elder ~ a medicine woman ~ who has held ~ assisted and taken part in many sacred medicine ceremonies these past 30 years.


Personally i found a couple of things to be important to me when working with sacred medicines.

One is the quality of the medicine and with what intentions it has been cultivated.

Second is the authenticity of the shaman or guide.


On both points the flying Dutchman excelled.

The medicine was truly potent and magical.I could feel it had been cultivated with great love and care.

He was the perfect guide for me ~ he was present ~ respectful and experienced. I felt safe and held with this wise authentic being. I was able to share deep insights and explore areas that can usually only be experienced with a few.


His passion for this work is undeniable 


So if you are ready to awaken ~ shift and dive deeper into the mysteries and the magic of this beautiful existence ~ then look no further.



Light Transmissions

Video artist
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