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How may I serve you?

What on earth is happening?

In this, for many people, confusing times we hear a lot about, 

'raising your vibration' and 'looking inside yourself'. For many people this is an unknown area.

Let's find out together what these words mean for you and how you can use them for your own well-being. Why? Because,


your well-being is the wellbeing of all!

Allow the Flying Dutchman to take you on a journey like you have never experienced before.


More than ten years ago, after travelling through India, I arrived in Ibiza for the first time. Here on the island I met a shaman who introduced, and offered me my first magic mushrooms, whereafter a new passion arose.

Now looking back, magic mushrooms helped me understand more about (my) life, my relationships and about myself. I experimented with them and learned about the strong healing and connection power of magic mushrooms. I studied how they grow and guided other people in their psychedelic experience.​


In this role it is my mission to guide people safely exploring the path from the mind to the heart. As a human being, I am grateful to be part of the revolution of consciousness. This is the time for humanity to become connected to mother earth again. 

On a personal level there are many different healing possibilities with mushrooms. 
Every session will be tailor-made regarding to your wishes or desires.

If you visit Ibiza or live on the island, give yourself alone or together with close friends or lovers an unforgettable experience to make your stay complete.

Check out our service!

..I am a Dreamer in the dream. As the Flying Dutchman it is my role to create special moments.   

Laughing is healing.

(Our) Nature is perfect, maybe we are the ones that make life complicated. For me the magic of life is in the simple things, being content with nothing, solutions arrive.


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